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Agenda Item: Ensuring the Security of Civilians Affected by the Ongoing Yemen Crisis


The Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC), the first of the six General Assembly Committees of the United Nations, was created in 1945 to provide an international forum to respond to issues related to disarmament challenges, global security, and the non-proliferation of weapons. It was created to promote the well-being and maintenance of international peace and security with the least diversion for armaments of the world's human and economic resources.

The existence of the Yemeni Civil War, an ongoing multilateral civil war that began in late 2014 mostly between the Rashad al-Alimi-led Presidential Leadership Council and the Mahdi al-Mashat-led Supreme Political Council, along with their allies, both sides claiming to constitute the official government of Yemen, caused a massive crisis that has been named as one of the world's worst humanitarian crises in the region in many aspects. The Houthi forces took over the capital city, which was followed by a rapid Houthi takeover of the government and expansion of their control as a result of overthrowing the president, officially starting a conflict which other governments and countries had relations with in the further of time. The result of the crisis concerning millions of Yemeni people was a lack of access to hygiene, accommodation, and security. Yemeni people have faced violence, unavoidable migration, an increasing rate of deaths and health-related problems, decreasing welfare, and a peace-based environment. The main task of the delegates will be to focus on ways to come up with fitting & convenient strategies and heroic solutions to safeguard civilians, to better and to ensure their stability and reliability in the region while also reducing the impacts of the crisis with all aspects covered, leaving no humanitarian problems unsolved behind, fulfilling the aim of the committee!

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