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Senanur Erten



Esteemed participants and distinguished guests,

As the Secretary General of Gungoren ITO Anatolian Religious High School Model United Nations Conference in December 2022, I salute you once again on behalf of our academic and organization team. We are more than glad to work in order to provide you a qualified and prestigious conference experience once again in the year of 2022.


After our many recognized and well regarded conferences in both Arabic and English, this officially will be our second bilingual conference. Throughout the years of experience as it is stated in our motto which is "Power of the past, people of the future." we believe that it is not quite possible for us to build a brighter future nor to take confident steps further without knowing our past and the conflicts people have been facing around us. Regarding the aim we have established eight committees; two being Arabic speaking as مجلس الأمن الوطني and جامعة الدول العربية and six being  English speaking as ECOFIN, UNHCR, UNOOSA, UNSC, FCC and The Cabinet of Elizabeth I.


Attending GITOMUN will not only benefit you academically, it will enrich your communication and social skills, increase your knowledge on world-wide issues, connect you to people from different backgrounds and perspectives and create countless unforgettable memories. It is our honor to help a crowd of young people who are interested in improving their skills on general knowledge, public speaking, international relations and on the path of building a better future for themselves and the others.


Lastly, after a hard and long working process of a dedicated team, we will be delighted to see you among us on December 3rd. We are looking forward to welcoming you all.

Best Regards,


Senanur Erten

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