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Most esteemed participants of the MUN community,

As the Secretary-General of this prestigious gathering I am beyond honored to invite you to participate in the 6th annual session of GITOMUN which will be taking place on 9-10-11-12th December 2023. As we did the last year and before, we are filled with excitement to host this mesmerizing conference and committed to ensure that your experience in GITOMUN 2023 will be above the limits. Our journey to GITOMUN began long before this date and since then our academic and organization teams, exceptional club members and our board of directors have been working tirelessly to create a conference which will leave a lasting impact on your academic journey. 
Our well-designed committees are followed as; Special, Political and Decolonization committee (SPECPOL), Social, Disarmament & International Security committee (DISEC), Humanitarian and Cultural committee (SOCHUM), LEGAL, The Cabinet of Fidel Castro and المجلس العمومي العثماني.

With a diverse range of topics to discuss I am confident that you will emerge from this conference as persuasive diplomats for change. Our theme for this conference is “Power of the past, people of the future,” and it is our shared mission to live up to this vision. 
Together let’s make this conference a milestone in order to build up a brighter future.

With warmest regards,

Zeynep Betül Ermeydan

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