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Agenda Item: Maintenance of humanitarian assistance and security in South Sudan

Academic Assistant: Mehmet Efe Çetinkaya



The Special Political and Decolonization Committee, the Fourth Committee of the United Nations, was created in 1993 with the main objective of addressing significant political matters such as self-determination, decolonization, and other international security concerns. SPECPOL is tasked with addressing a wide range of global political issues, covering the role of civil society in post-conflict peacebuilding. Civil society organizations play a vital role in post-conflict peacebuilding by promoting social cohesion, supporting transitional justice, and fostering community-led development.



Twelve years after gaining independence, people in South Sudan continue to face deteriorating humanitarian conditions. Sudan's complex humanitarian crisis is rooted in decades of internal conflict, political instability, extreme weather events, and poor economic conditions that have contributed to widespread food insecurity, malnutrition, and a lack of basic services, especially health services. For these reasons, delegates will be tackling how to improve the maintenance of humanitarian assistance and security in South Sudan and present methods of resolution.

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