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UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, is a global organization which was constituted to protect refugee’s rights, unravel their problems and ensure that their fundamental necessities are fulfilled. Consequently, during your process in this committee, you will increase your knowledge on policies with current situations, find possible solutions for refugees, improve yourself to interpret about the problems in order to raise the world’s awareness about refugees.

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Agenda Items: Current Refugee Policies/Bettering Refugee Rights in the International Arena

In this committee, we will deliberate two separate agenda items. These are about current refugee policies and bettering refugee rights in the international area.

We will be discussing the current refugee policies established in countries to be able to solve the problems encountered all over the world to prevent any kind of harm on any people during these crises and restore the destroyed societies.

Our other agenda is about bettering refugee rights in the international arena. We will emphasize in our committee that refugee rights are rights to seek asylum and find safe settlements in other countries; have education and freedom without discrimination, considering the underlying reasons of discriminations all over the world.

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